Raelene & Family

At the age of 14 months we found out Bradyn had a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts.  He was rushed to the Children’s Hospital at 14 months and they told us he was anaphylactic to peanuts and nuts.  To be anaphylactic you need to have 3 systems fail.  In his case he did; first was the hives that started around his mouth and quickly spread to his entire body; second swelling of the face and third was restricted breathing.

At 15 months an allergist tested him and said he wouldn’t for the rest of his life and wouldn’t grow out of it.  From then on every label had to be read and re-read.  Birthday parties, restaurants, school and special occasions were difficult.  We always kept an Epi-Pen and Benadryl within easy reach.

We went for many more allergy test and the diagnosis was always the same; “he has a severe allergy”.

We found Dr. Harper whom we started seeing for chiropractic care and he mentioned that he does allergy desensitization.  We decided to try it for Bradyn.  It took some time but by Week 12 he could chew a peanut and swallow it with no reaction!!  He now lives a normal life due to Dr. Harper and the Allergy Desensitization!

“Dr. Harper has changed his life and our lives for the better and we have you to thank!!”

To this day he is still eating products that may contain peanuts and we know he is safe and don’t have to worry.

Thanks for all your help Dr. Harper!!