Lorne J

I was in need of a professional to take care of my overall health care.  My medical doctor was able to explore scientific area but was not giving me the personal care and one-on-one care that I needed so desperately.

Dr. Brad took the time to listen to all my complaints and gave me vital information that I had not received before.  Initially, I had a list of symptoms: neck and back problems that were chronic concerns.  Also I was having problems with sleeping, being lethargic and feeling tired most of the time.

After my initial exam, Dr. Brad provide a treatment plan that require my commitment for the next few months.  I met Dr. Brad 3 times per week and began to feel better, almost immediately!  Having my neck realigned gave me instant sinus relief, less headaches and I also began to sleep through the night.

As I began to feel better and healthier than I had in years, I began to explore Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) which is a method of dealing with unresolved issues at a the cellular level.  I believe that the technique works, as I felt calmer, whenever I was placed in a certain stressful situation.

My situation demonstrates that Dr. Brad is a professional, competent and caring individual.  When he felt my situation was not improving as it should, after have a car accident, he referred me elsewhere, which demonstrates his honest approach and commitment to his patients.  I recommend Dr. Brad to others whenever I can.