Merry Christmas

Healing Hands wants to wish all of our families a very Merry Christmas.  We are offering a special for all our little persons, to enhance your chances of having a Healthy, Trouble free Holiday Season. We are rolling back the fees for children adjustments to $25.00  for the month of December (or longer if the … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Lorne J

Chronic Conditions I was in need of a professional to take care of my overall health care.  My medical doctor was able to explore scientific area but was not giving me the personal care and one-on-one care that I needed so desperately. Dr. Brad took the time to listen to all my complaints and gave … Continue reading Lorne J

Judy H

Anxiety Attacks I am writing this to share my chiropractic experience.  I had a list of things many that I thought to be normal for my age.  They ranged from tired aching legs, sore back, my arms often went to sleep, indigestion and stiff and sore shoulders.  But the one thing that got me into … Continue reading Judy H