Judy H

Anxiety Attacks I am writing this to share my chiropractic experience.  I had a list of things many that I thought to be normal for my age.  They ranged from tired aching legs, sore back, my arms often went to sleep, indigestion and stiff and sore shoulders.  But the one thing that got me into … Continue reading Judy H

Susan C

Our family started seeing Dr Harper during my second trimester of pregnancy. Along with relieving physical aches and pains, Dr Harper helped my daughters (3 and 5 years old) to sleep through the night, as, well as stopped my husband from snoring (when he follows Dr Harper's suggestions). Also, I believe the adjustments I received prior … Continue reading Susan C

Mel B

I began seeing Dr. Brad Harper a few years prior to my pregnancy for wellness care and maintenance adjustments. Once I found out that I was pregnant, Dr. Brad explained to me the importance of proper alignment during this time and how coming in more often would benefit my whole experience, not only with the … Continue reading Mel B

Velna L

While living in Coaldale over thirty years ago, I was unable to curl because of an injury.  Another curler informed my husband that “we have a very good chiropractor in town”.  My husband made an appointment for me with Dr. Brad Harper and I have never looked back.  After moving to High River and then … Continue reading Velna L