Judy H

Anxiety Attacks

I am writing this to share my chiropractic experience.  I had a list of things many that I thought to be normal for my age.  They ranged from tired aching legs, sore back, my arms often went to sleep, indigestion and stiff and sore shoulders.  But the one thing that got me into Dr. Harper’s office was my nerves.

Three years ago I was experiencing what I called “Anxiety Attacks”.  I was getting them when I was going out of the house to do the simplest of things, like shopping for groceries or cashing a cheque.  I found myself feeling light-hearted and nauseas.  My heart rate would increase and I would start to perspire a lot.  I also developed cysts on my ovaries, I was told it was because of my nerves.

I had been to my Doctor many times.  He took X-Rays, blood tests and urine tests.  I was even referred to a heart specialist.  All these tests came back negative which was frustrating since I was still getting these “attacks”; sometimes up to three a week.

After a year I was put on pills which controlled the problem but didn’t get rid of it.  What bugged me the most was that I felt I had nothing to be nervous about!  My life was great.

I was referred to Dr. Harper by a friend and was skeptical at first, but what did I have to lose?  I found him and his staff to be very friendly and helpful.  After taking X-Rays he actually showed me where my problem was coming from!

I have been going for six weeks now and since my very first treatment I have never experienced tired legs or a sore back again!  My nerves are back to normal and I can lead the life I want to lead.

I know chiropractic care works and it has definitely helped me.  Give it a try, it may help you!