Susan C

Our family started seeing Dr Harper during my second trimester of pregnancy.

Along with relieving physical aches and pains, Dr Harper helped my daughters (3 and 5 years old) to sleep through the night, as, well as stopped my husband from snoring (when he follows Dr Harper’s suggestions). Also, I believe the adjustments I received prior the home birth of my baby, assisted in me having a quick but calm labor of only an hour and a half. When my baby was 3 weeks old, I took her to see him because she was spitting up a lot, not comfortable and crying often and not sleeping and fussing through the night. After Dr Harper did an adjustment and allergy take away for dairy, she stopped spitting up and was sleeping through the night (except for waking to feed once or twice a night) by the next day after her appointment. She is noticeably more calm and happy as well as goes to sleep easily without much help/soothing from me.I wish I took my other two daughters to see him when they were babies. I am super grateful to have Dr Harper’s support, knowledge and expertise in helping to achieve and maintain a healthy family.