Leona J

I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Harper’s since April 10, 2002.  It all started with pain in the left hip, lower back and pain going down my left leg.  I was having trouble walking.  After a few treatments I have almost 100% pain relief.

On June 25, 1995 I was operated for a Cerebral Aneurysm on the right side, which hemorrhaged.  Then Sept 28, 1995 I had a second surgery for a Cerebral Aneurysm on the left side.  Oct 29, 1998 I had an Abdominal Angiography that was when they found an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.  Mar 9, 2005 I went to Mayfair Diagnostics for a CT scan in regards to dizziness, blurred vision etc.  Nothing showed up.

I mentioned to Dr. Harper about my dizziness, vision problems and tingling in my fingers.  Dr. Harper sent me for X-rays of my neck and spine which showed degeneration in both areas.

My results with treatment are great, especially the dizziness etc.  I haven’t had any problems with my back for a long time.  I’m still seeing Dr. Harper to this day for maintenance treatments.

I wish there were more Dr. Brad Harpers’ in the city.  He was a Godsend to me!  Thank you!