Happy Patient

Dr. Harper Saved my Life

From the time I was ten years old, Chiropractic Care has been a part of my life.  It is time that the medical profession gave Chiropractor’s their due!  When I was ten, I was bucked off a horse and fell on the edge of a sidewalk, injuring one of the lowers discs in my spinal column.  Since then I suffered from lower back pain and severe migraine headaches, always visiting my then chiropractor for care.  After two visits to the Emergency Dept. for morphine shots to stop the migraine pain, a dear friend suggested I visit his Chiropractor, Dr. Brad Harper to deal with the migraines and lower back pain once and for all.

I was very impressed with the personal care given me when I visited Dr. Harper’s office the first time. I was given a thorough physical exam after giving my entire medical history and x-rays were taken to evaluate my condition.  By the next visit, Dr. Harper had reviewed the questionnaire and x-rays intensively and mapped out a treatment plan that would reverse and correct the curvature in my neck in exactly 13 visits and would get rid of my migraine headaches!  It certainly did!

Dr. Harper’s philosophy with regards to his treatment of a patient is “I will do whatever I have to as long as it makes you, the patient, better!”  I thought this was a pretty far-fetched attitude and am happy to say that over the ten plus years that I have been treated by Dr. Harper, HE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD!

Then a real trauma happened, I was in a horrific car accident!  I was left with a sprained wrist and ankle, whiplash and various cuts and bruises.  The pain in my left arm was so severe that no amount of medication could control it.  Dr. Harper couldn’t treat me fast enough and worked on my arm that night and two more times to alleviate the pain and discomfort I was experiencing.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would have had to return to the hospital for stronger drugs had Dr. Harper not been able to come to my aid as fast as he did.  I REALLY FELT THAT HE HAD SAVED MY LIFE!

I no longer worry about sinus problems or allergies.  I can exercise and eat right and will live a normal healthy life.  BUT, it is nice to know that if something does go wrong, I have a friendly, very cheerful, and very caring person in Dr. Brad Harper, who I can call on at any time and receive the very best treatment and advice.  Isn’t that what good medical care is all about!

Thank you Dr. Harper for caring and ‘saving my life’ on more than one occasion!