Thank you for doing what you do.  My visits to your office changed my life.  I have had migraine headaches for years and have tried everything – massage, acupuncture, diet, chiropractic, yoga, exercise, expensive medication and now I have done N.E.T with you I haven’t had a migraine for 6 weeks, whereas usually the would recur once or twice a week!

I have also developed more confidence in myself and have let go of so much baggage that I have carries in my belief system since I was a child.  Through this releasing I have been able to clear up physical aches and pains that I have also carried for a long time.  I have been working on myself for years but N.E.T resolves these issues in a short office visit-AMAZING!

Your caring, genuine, compassionate manner makes it so easy and comfortable to deal with these issues and I feel very blessed to have been introduced to you and also feel that I have made new friend through this experience.

Several people in my group of friend and family have had wonderful results through doing N.E.T with you.  Please don’t hesitate to give my name to anyone looking for confirmation of this work.

Charlotte W

I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Harper’s since April 10, 2002.  It all started with pain in the left hip, lower back and pain going down my left leg.  I was having trouble walking.  After a few treatments I have almost 100% pain relief.

On June 25, 1995 I was operated for a Cerebral Aneurysm on the right side, which hemorrhaged.  Then Sept 28, 1995 I had a second surgery for a Cerebral Aneurysm on the left side.  Oct 29, 1998 I had an Abdominal Angiography that was when they found an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.  Mar 9, 2005 I went to Mayfair Diagnostics for a CT scan in regards to dizziness, blurred vision etc.  Nothing showed up.

I mentioned to Dr. Harper about my dizziness, vision problems and tingling in my fingers.  Dr. Harper sent me for X-rays of my neck and spine which showed degeneration in both areas.

My results with treatment are great, especially the dizziness etc.  I haven’t had any problems with my back for a long time.  I’m still seeing Dr. Harper to this day for maintenance treatments.

I wish there were more Dr. Brad Harpers’ in the city.  He was a Godsend to me!  Thank you!

Leona J