Dear Dr. Harper,

This letter seems so inadequate to express to you the appreciation we feel for the important role you have played in our lives.  We cannot thank you enough for getting our daughter Chelsea to a healthy state and secondly for maintaining it.  We feel you are the reason that not only Chelsea but our whole family has had the chance to live a ‘normal’ life.

It is amazing how happy we have been without constant worry that has previously been a part of our lives.  I did not realize how much of my energy was used every day with worrying.

The successes that Chelsea has achieved by having her Crohn’s disease and Pancreatitis under control are remarkable.  As you know, we were unsuccessful at the Children’s Hospital with controlling Chelsea’s pancreatitis but after ONE adjustment from you, Chelsea felt immediate relief from the pain!  She was then able to go back to her athletic competitions.

This year alone she has brought home many swimming medals including GOLD from the Alberta Summer Games and GOLD from Provincials.  She also has the health to play competitive volleyball and made the club team in which she enjoyed a lot of court time.

Dr. Brad, as I’ve told you before, you are a fantastic doctor and such an enthusiastic person.  You are always positive with your care giving and always right with your advice.  I always have complete confidence in you.  I would like any new patients to know what a miracle worker you have been in our lives!

Lorne, Val and Chelsea B

I began seeing Dr. Brad Harper a few years prior to my pregnancy for wellness care and maintenance adjustments. Once I found out that I was pregnant, Dr. Brad explained to me the importance of proper alignment during this time and how coming in more often would benefit my whole experience, not only with the pregnancy but also with the delivery.  We both then decided that I would see him 2-3 times a month or as needed.

My visits to the clinic ensured that I was able to keep up with all activities that I enjoy and do so comfortably; which included long summer hikes and back country camping, keeping up with the outdoor chores as the winter approached, as well as being able to continue swimming and yoga right up until delivery.  Dr. Brad’s chiropractic care made such a huge difference throughout my pregnancy. When all my other pregnant friends were complaining of their aches and pains, I was happy not to relate.  I also found that as I began to get into more of a routine of coming in more frequently, Dr. Brad’s magical hands were only used for minor tweaks, tweaks that I still needed but was reflective of how great I felt and how well I was doing.

Dr. Brad lived up to his promise; my delivery I found to be quite easy.  My water broke at home naturally; I labored for 7 hours and pushed for only 45 minutes.  This was all possible because of the care that Dr. Brad provided.

I would highly recommend Dr. Brad Harper to anyone thinking of taking preventive measures during their pregnancy or for those who maybe seeking some pain relief for whatever condition.


One Happy Momma

Mel B